Redgate – Is any publicity good publicity?

Red Gate Software‘s article on ANTS Profiler in this Code Project article, has got a lot of flak in Slashdot, in the article’s comments section,  and in reddit, not just for the article per se, but because of some tom dick and harry’s submission to slashdot and reddit with an attention-grabbing yet conspicuous titles.

Even though few people have raised the credibility of the article, i guess the article has this warning…”This is a showcase review for our sponsors at The Code Project. These reviews are intended to provide you with information on products and services that we consider useful and of value to developers.”  and also mentions that it has only posted how the ANTS Profiler helped the university graduate in spotting the bug in his c# code….”A Princeton University graduate relates his story as a participant in the Darpa Grand Challenge race, where driverless cars have got to make it to the end of the course without human intervention. Read the full story and find out why he wished he had used ANTS Profiler earlier.

It again raises the question about the attention-grabbing yet conspicuous submissions in slashdot , reddit and digg. But whatever the outcome may be Redgate has managed to arouse the interest in its profiler. But i guess iit would have been a lot better if they could have instead come up with articles on how ANTS Profiler is different and better in its own league.


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